Musical Director

Alan Scott

Alan Scott started directing when he was 16 years old as student director of the Advanced Chorus at Murphy High School in Mobile, Alabama. Since then, he has completed Bachelors Degrees in Church Music (Manhattan Christian College) and Vocal Performance (University of South Alabama) and a Masters in Choral Conducting (University of Alabama). He has conducted everything from small volunteer church choirs to an all-professional Temple choir and a professional chorus he formed in New York City (The Alan Scott Chorale). Alan’s love for Barbershop music started early. Both his mother and father were very active in the Barbershop Harmony Society/Sweet Adelines International from before he was born until his mother retired in 2015. He was founding director of the Heart of Dixie (Barbershop) chapter, and when he left to pursue his masters degree, his mother took over “temporarily." She stayed with the chorus for 22 years and in the meantime became the first woman in BHS history to direct a chorus in adjudicated competition. (Alan is more than a little proud of his Barbershop roots.) Alan founded the Coachella Acappella chorus in July 2019 and looks forward to continuing to help the chorus grow musically and numerically. You can contact Alan at

Photo © 2024 courtesy of Frank Balthis